10 digit fingerprint impressions.


At CCIFS, we offer a range of fingerprinting services designed to meet various needs, ensuring accuracy and reliability in the verification process. Our specialized services include:

  1. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC):
    • We provide precise 10-digit fingerprinting services for Police Clearance Certificates, facilitating a thorough and dependable background check.
  2. VISA Verification:
    • Our fingerprint services extend to VISA verification, ensuring the authenticity and credibility of individuals applying for visas. We adhere to high standards to meet the requirements of the verification process.
  3. Employee Verification:
    • CCIFS offers comprehensive fingerprinting for employee verification, aiding organizations in confirming the identity and background of their workforce. Our services contribute to a secure and trustworthy hiring process.

Our commitment to utilizing advanced fingerprinting technology and maintaining strict quality standards makes CCIFS a reliable choice for all your fingerprinting needs. Trust us to provide accurate and efficient services to support various verification processes.