Introduction to Forensic  Nursing

Forensic Nursing is an exciting and highly rewarding field in healthcare.Within the realm of nursing, forensic nursing stands as a unique and specialized branch that combines the skills of healthcare professionals with the demands of the legal system.

Keeping in view the increasing importance of forensic nursing, the Certificate Course in Forensic Nursing has been organised by Centre for Criminal Investigation & Forensic Science (CCIFS).

Forensic nursing encompasses a broad range of disciplines, including medical care, scientific investigation, and legal proceedings. These professionals play a crucial role in bridging the gap between the healthcare and legal systems. They possess a deep understanding of both fields, allowing them to provide exceptional care to patients while effectively collecting and preserving evidence for legal proceedings. This Forensic Nursing Certificate Course is designed to equip aspiring nurses with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to excel in this demanding field. Throughout this comprehensive program, participants will gain a thorough understanding of forensic science, evidence collection and preservation, trauma-informed care, and legal principles relevant to healthcare. This course provides a solid foundation for those seeking a career in forensic nursing or those already working in the healthcare field who wish to expand their expertise. During the course, students will have the opportunity to engage in practicals, hands-on training, enabling them to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. They will learn how to effectively assess and document injuries, collect and analyze forensic evidence, and provide compassionate care to patients who have experienced trauma. The program also covers topics such as domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and elder abuse, emphasizing the importance of providing support to vulnerable populations. Upon successful completion of the Forensic Nursing Certificate Course, participants will have acquired the skills and confidence to contribute to the legal process as credible expert witnesses, perform forensic examinations, and provide comprehensive care to victims and their families. In today’s society, where the demand for forensic nursing professionals continues to rise, this certificate course offers an exceptional opportunity for individuals passionate about both healthcare and justice. It equips them with the necessary tools to navigate the complex intersection of medicine and law, and to provide essential support to victims during their most vulnerable moments. We encourage all those interested in making a difference in the lives of others and shaping the future of healthcare to consider enrolling in the Forensic Nursing Certificate Course. By doing so, you will embark on an exciting journey that not only enriches your professional life but also empowers you to positively impact the lives of those in need.


Course Duration( 3 MONTHS)