The growth and advancement of the criminal justice system, has led Forensic science to take up a very crucial role in crime investigation and evidence collection. The advent of forensic evidence in crime scene investigation has helped in learning the techniques used in collecting evidences and the analysis and examination of forensic evidence has become an inextricable part of criminal advocacy.
Dr. Tabish Sarosh & Associates is a law firm having a well- equipped forensic team with vast experience and expertise in evaluating and analysing evidences in a case.

TSA firm through their forensic team members and experts has been conducting various seminars and workshops on crime scene, biological fluids, forensic Ballistics, NDPS, Forensic psychology etc. at LLOYD Law college, Greater Noida, U.P.

      • We provide expert training and workshop on role of forensic science in criminal investigation.
      • We also provide training on critical examination and analysis of forensic evidences in any case.
      • We at TSA conduct a structured training programmes and sessions on forensic evidence analysis techniques and examination of crime scene.
      • We conduct workshops on forensic science and criminal investigation at various colleges and other institutions.
      • TSA firm offers a short term training session and workshops on forensic science as well as on the topics related to trial advocacy to the stakeholders including law students, interns, professionals, police officials etc.
      • Through one week workshops at our law firm on investigation and forensic science through experienced and expert persons, the government officers having specialization in this field, you will be well-equipped with the enhanced knowledge and skills which would help in criminal and civil practice.The structure of the workshop would be as follows:

    1.Introductory session- Introduction to forensic science and investigation

    2.Offences and punishments
    3.Investigation procedure and thorough study of crime scene and chargesheet.
    4.Forensic psychology and criminal profiling
    5.Q & A and doubt clarification session
    6.Practical experience/hands on experience in criminal investigation
    Registration for the workshops/Certificate Course in Forensic Science would be taken on first come first serve basis and after completion of the workshop a certificate for the same will be issued by our law firm.

    Course Fees:

    Rs 10,000/- for Students/Interns
    Rs 15,000/- for professionals & others
    Duration: 2 Months.
    To apply for the Certificate course in Forensic Science/workshops and training sessions apply here.

    Syllabus of Certificate Course in Forensic Science