Investigation Underway: State Forensic Sciences Laboratory to Probe Lee Memorial Mission School Fire

The State Forensic Sciences Laboratory (SFSL) officials are expected to visit Lee Memorial Mission School in Kolkata, where a fire broke out, to investigate the cause of the blaze.

  • The State Forensic Sciences Laboratory (SFSL) officials are scheduled to visit the fire-damaged wing of Lee Memorial Mission School in Kolkata following a fire that occurred on the school premises.
  • The fire occurred on Friday afternoon, leading to damage in some parts of the school, particularly affecting classrooms on the first floor.
  • Normal classes had resumed on Saturday, with affected classrooms temporarily relocated to other parts of the campus.
  • The fire is suspected to have originated from a faulty charging point while a gadget was being charged, although the actual cause will be confirmed by the SFSL visit.
  • Despite the damage, school authorities have resumed operations, with boarders expected to resume classes on Monday.
  • Restoration of power in the affected section will be applied for after the forensic officials’ visit.
  • The campus includes several facilities like Lee Memorial Girls’ High School, a primary school, classes up to Class VIII, a girls’ hostel, and a women’s hostel, all of which were impacted by the fire.