A Groundbreaking Forensic Discovery: Jellyfish Protein Unveils Fingerprints in 10 Seconds

Fingerprint Jellyfish

Scientists have introduced a revolutionary forensic spray harnessing a protein from jellyfish, capable of unveiling fingerprints injust 10 seconds. This groundbreaking method offers a safer and more eco-friendly alternative to conventional techniques.

Key Highlights:

  • The forensic spray, derived from a jellyfish protein, reveals fingerprints in a remarkable 10-second timeframe.
  • Promises to revolutionize forensic investigations by expediting the process, boasting water solubility, and minimal toxicity.
  • Replaces traditional methods using hazardous powders or petrochemical solvents due to environmental concerns.
  • The spray incorporates two colored dyes, LFP-Yellow and LFP-Red, binding to compounds in sweat and skin oils, emitting a fluorescent glow under blue light.
  • Fingerprints, a pivotal means of identification, offer rapid and cost-effective solutions in cases involving unknown suspects.
  • The GFP protein from the North American jellyfish species Aequorea victoria, used in the spray, emits a vibrant green glow under blue light.
  • The research team is collaborating with industry partners to commercialize the forensic dyes.
  • Published findings in the esteemed Journal of the American Chemical Society.

Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking discovery!

The integration of jellyfish-derived proteins in forensic science showcases the potential of nature-inspired solutions for enhancing investigative techniques.